Recent Changes to the XFree86 3.3 branch

Below is a recent extract from the XFree86 change log for the 3.3 branch. The full change log can be found in the XFree86 source tree (xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG).

XFree86 development code can be accessed directly from the CVS repository. Information about this can be found on our CVS page.

XFree86 3.3.6c (XX Xxxxxxxx 200X)

XFree86 3.3.6b (29 February 2004)
1632. Fix font file overruns.

XFree86 3.3.6a (24 December 2001)
1631. Missing ';' in the i128 driver (#4672, Mike Harris).
1630. [SECURITY] Avoid DoS attacks on xdm (Keith Packard).
1629. [SECURITY] Check for negative reply length/overflow in _XAsyncReply
      (Xlib) (#4601, Mike Harris).
1628. Fix a typo in xvidtune (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
1627. Fix typo in (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
1626. Bug fixes and improvements for mouse 3 button emulation state machine
      (Andrew Pimlott).
1625. Include  in Xos.h to get struct tm (based on #4464, Mike Harris,
      and H.J. Lu).
1624. [SECURITY] fix possible buffer overflow (NOT on stack) in xdm 
      xdmcp code (patch69 from Red Hat SRPMS).
1623. [SECURITY] Pull fixed from 4.0.2 for following problems: 
      - XlibInt buffer overflow
      - libICE denial of service
      - XOpenDisplay buffer overflow (#4450, Branden Robinson)
1622. Make wscons a first class console driver. Add wscons support for 
      OpenBSD/i386 (Matthieu Herrb).
1621. [SECURITY]: Fix temp file problem in Imake.rules, InstallManPageAliases
      (Matthieu Herrb)
1620. [SECURITY]: Pull  fixes from the main branch:
      - XCSECURITY DoS (Paulo Caesar Pereira de Andrade and Keith Packard), 
      - _XAsyncReply() Xlib stack corruption,
      - Xaw temp file handling (Branden Robinson). 
1619. [SECURITY] Safe tempfile handline for imake's probing of glibc 
      version (based on #4257, Colin Phipps).
1618. Fix a libXt bug that affects multidisplay applications when Xt is
      built to use select(2) rather than poll(2) (#A.181, Antony Uspensky).
1617. Back port GeForce2 support for the nv driver from 4.x (#4103,
      Jarno Paananen).
1616. [SECURITY] Fix a 1-byte overflow in Xtrans.c (#4182, Aaron Campbell).
1615. [SECURITY] Back port fix for from 4.0 
      (#4181, Matthieu Herrb).
1614. Add Romanian xkb symbols definitions (Cristian Gafton).
1613. Add DPMS support to I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
1612. Fix a problem with the sequence number not being byte-swapped
      for the reply to the DPMSCapable request (#A.120, Stephen Tse).
1611. [SECURITY] Fix tmp file problem with makedepend scripts (based on 
      report from Alan Cox).
1610. Increase MAXVISUALSPERDEPTH for Xnest so that it will work
      with GLX (#4062, Harald Koenig).
1609. Straighten out xfindproxy exit codes to match success/failer status;
      also change one instance where error message was printed to stdout
      (#4034, Huver).
1608. With LBX enabled, the X server wasn't checking the proxy connection,
      and so fails the connection request without calling InvalidHost()
      (#4032, Huver).
1607. xfwp doProcessWritables() closes connection, but then proceeds
      to reset client fd via FD_SET() (#4030, Huver).
1606. Add a Macedonian xkb symbols file (#A.96, Zlatko Trajceski).
1605. [SECURITY] Fix a buffer overflow with the -xkbmap X server flag (#A.91,
      Trevor Johnson).
1604. Fix an xfs crash that shows up when many clients connect (#A.48,
      Remy Card).
1603. Add xkb mappings for the keycodes generated by the SysRq and Break
      keys, which are different from the keycodes generated when used as
      PrtScn and Pause (#A.29, Eric W. Biederman).
1602. Fix a core dump in fstobdf when using 16 bit fonts (#A.25,
      Morten Storgaard Nielsen).
1601. Fix memleak warning when doing realloc(NULL, size) (#A.7,
      Charles G Waldman).
1600. Enable building the s3_savage driver for FreeBSD (#3866, Harald Koenig).
1599. Fix mode restore bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
1598. Fix clock detection bug in ATI LCD support (Marc La France).
1597. Remove ATI LCD support's meddling with power management (Marc La France).
1596. Fix Rage 128 detection bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
1595. A new clock ordering has been reported for Mach32's.  Treat it as a
      different clock chip for now (Marc La France).
1594. Fix an Xlib bug that causes freed memory to be accessed.  This is
      exposed by Netscape (#3738, Keith Packard).
1593. Add DGA support to I128 server (Robin Cutshaw).
1592. Fix remaining ATI Mobility problems (Marc La France).
1591. Fix for dead keys in XKB Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish keyboards
      (#3702, 3703, Preston Brown).
1590. [SECURITY] Fix possible races in xauth and libXau (#3690, 3694, 
      Colin Phipps).
1589. Fix a bug in the way the BIOS mapping size is calculated in
      in the ReadBIOS functions (#3647, Loic Grenie).
1588. Remove the hard-coded 0x8000 bios length for Solaris and SYSV
      (David Dawes).
1587. Add a Slovenian xkb symbols file (#3629, Marko Samastur,
      Primoz Peterlin).
1586. Fix the pam_close_session problems in xdm (#3621, Preston Brown).
1585. Fix an Xserver core dump that can happen when xdmcp-related command
      line options have missing arguments (#3614, Harald Koenig).
1584. Fix font corruption and initialize DST_X_DIR and DST_Y_DIR for
      solid filled rects (Kevin Martin).
1583. Disable the hardware cursor in the tdfx driver when the screen is
      too wide for the hardware to properly position the cursor on the
      right side of the screen (#3593, Scott Bertin).
1582. Add an item to the default twm menu to open an xterm window (#3584,
      David Brownlee).
1581. Only do the kbdrate I/O on architectures that support it (#3573, 3581,
      Kostas Gewrgiou, Branden Robinson).
1580. Fix some dead key problems with xkb symbols for Swiss French and
      Swiss German keyboards (#3546, Charles Lopes).
1579. Update DocIndex.sgml to include i810 and r128 docs (Kevin Martin).
1578. rage128 driver fix (Marc La France).

XFree86 3.3.6 (8 January 2000)
1577. Allow I/O port access throughout I128 server generation (Robin Cutshaw).
1576. Fix I/O port access problem for Linux kbd rate code (#3555,
      Keith Packard).
1575. Add GLX for GeForce to NVIDIA driver (#3553, Jarno Paananen).
1574. Fix Trio3D to work at 15/16 bpp above 115 MHz (#3547, Harald Koenig).
1573. Fix for 2 Meg CL5480 cards (#3538, Mark Vojkovich).
1572. Fix S3 Trio3D problems caused by driving the PLL in the wrong
      frequency range (#3515, Harald Koenig).
1571. Add an option to set the pressure threshold to generate a button 1 
      on Wacom Graphire and Inutos model tablets (#3509, Frederic Lepied).
1570. Update Japanese docs (#3506, Fujiwara Teruyoshi).
1569. Fix S3 Savage loop/lockup when running "xlock bubble" at
      resolutions > 1152 (#3507, Tim Roberts).
1568. Re-enable the Linux kbd rate handling. Values below 10 for rate
      are ignored (to work around config files with the silly value 5 as a
      default) (#3504, Harald Koenig).
1567. Fix several serious bugs for sis630/540 A1. Add version number for
      sis driver. Fix SiS 630/540 threadhold issue. Support interlance
      mode. Using bandwidth to decide the supported modes (Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).

XFree86 3.3.5Za (20 December 1999)
1566. Stop S3 drivers to recognize SonicVibes cards as VGA cards (#3502,
      Takashi Manabe).
1565. Fix Wacom Graphire support and Wacom IV cursor problems
      (#3498,3500, Frederic Lepied).
1564. Fix type in S3 Trio3D/2X memory detection (#3494, Harald Koenig).
1563. Fix memleak util to work on Linux/glibc (#3492, Keith Packard).
1562. Updates to xf86Summa module. Remove artificial limitations, fix
      tablet mapping to correspond to screen aspect ratio, add
      resolution config option, add option to use Hitachi 1217D tablet
      in Summa mode (#3490, Huver Hu).
1561. Fix compile problem with libc5 (#3487, Thomas Dickey).
1560. Fix default keyboard repeat in xf86config (#3486, Harald Koenig).
1559. Fix problems with reading the BIOS on OS/2 (#3483, Holger Veit).
1558. Improved Danish keyboard layout (#3481, Keld Jorn Simonsen).
1557. Remove wrongly merged kbdrate patch (#3478, Harald Koenig).
1556. Update XF86Config manpage for wsmouse and Usb protocols (#3477,
      Matthieu Herrb).
1555. OS/2 documentation update (#3476, Holger Veit).
1554. Fix the problems with ViRGE/MX for Compaq Armada 7400/7800
      notebooks (#3475, Harald Koenig).
1553. Fix build problem on PANIX(SVR4.0) (#3474, Takaaki Nomura).
1552. Enable extended PS/2 mouse types on LynxOS x86 (#3408, Thomas Mueller).