Recent Changes to the XFree86 4.4 branch

Below is a recent extract from the XFree86 change log for the 4.4 branch. The full change log can be found in the XFree86 source tree (xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG).

XFree86 development code can be accessed directly from the CVS repository. Information about this can be found on our CVS page.

XFree86 (XX Xxxxxxxx 2004)
 831. Fix stack and integer overflows in libXpm (Chris Evans, Alan
      Coopersmith, Matthieu Herrb). 
 830. Fix freetype module segfault with some Type1 fonts (Bugzilla #1330,
      Werner Lemberg, from freetype 2.1.5, reported by Michael Lampe).
 829. Fix a segfault in Xlib if IPv6 XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 data is present 
      in .Xauthority (NetBSD PR xsrc/25098, Michel van Elst).
 828. Work around bug in Mac OS X 10.1's AppKit that causes rootless XDarwin
      to lock up when creating windows (Torrey T. Lyons).
 827. Fix X-Resource extension server crash when the client and server hosts
      have different endianness (Bugzilla #1242, Alan Coopersmith).
 826. Fix an off-by-one error that can lead to malloc problems (Bugzilla #512,
      Kyle Bateman).
 825. VeraIt.ttf wasn't getting installed (Bugzilla #1226, Matthieu Herrb).
 824. Fix an attempted free of an invalid pointer in ScreenSaverSetAttributes()
      (Bugzilla #1224, Matthieu Herrb, David Dawes).
 823. Fix HTML man page index generation to handle recent rman changes
      (David Dawes).
 822. Fix a build problem when build server side GL libraries on a system
      with no installed X headers (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 4.4.0 (29 February 2004)
 821. Fix Radeon secondary head register initialization (Hui Yu@ATI,
      Benjamin Herrenschmidt).
 820. ati & atimisc module changes (Marc La France)
      - Allow builds with ATIAvoidNonPCI && !ATIAvoidCPIO;
      - Make handling of unknown Radeon's saner;
      - Add private option to re-enable BIOS display switches;
      - Deal with ati & atimisc module version skews;
      - Fix private option handling;
 819. Fix rendition driver system lockup on changes to text mode
      (Bugzilla #1204, Eric Wittry).
 818. Make the "fp=n" TTCap option behave the same with the FreeType backend
      as with the X-TT backend (Bugzilla #1163, Chisato Yamauchi).
 817. Fix the disappearance of the RAW_ASCENT, RAW_DESCENT, RAW_PIXEL_SIZE,
      and RAW_POINT_SIZE properties for the FreeType backend (Bugzilla #1163,
      Chisato Yamauchi).
 816. Fix a FreeType backend problem with the font ascent/descent being
      incorrect with some fonts (Bugzilla #1163, Chisato Yamauchi, reported by
      Michael Lampe).
 815. Fix for detection of hardwired panel for the via driver (Bugzilla #813,
      Luc Verhaegen, reported by Johannes Specht).
 814. Fix missing ';' in via_driver.c hidden by an empty macro (Bugzilla #813,
      Luc Verhaegen).
 813. Add FT_Get_Postscript_Name() to the freetype2 export list for OS/2.
      This is needed for the recent PostScript fontname property fix
      (Bugzilla #1189, Frank Giessler).
 812. Fix MGA driver for big endian and EXTRADEBUG compilation (derived from
      #6132, Rene Rebe).
 811. Turn off the GetDisplayInfo BIOS call by default and add an option 
      to turn it back on in the i810 driver. This fixes some lockup
      problems found with some Dell BIOS' (Alan Hourihane, Alain Poirier).
 810. Fix compile issue in imstt driver (#6140, Rene Rebe)
 809. Only reset primary head of a Radeon (#6133, Rene Rebe).
 808. Fix big-endian typo in xf86CopyYUV12ToPacked (#6131, Rene Rebe).
 807. Fix neomagic white screen/lockup bug introduced in (Bugzilla
      #1179, #1157, David Dawes).
 806. Fixing DPMS: let modification of DPMS timeout take effect immeditately,
      don't activate DPMS when disabled (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 (15 February 2004)
 805. Resync the pci.ids data with (2004-02-15 snapshot).
 804. Improve X server performance on OS/2 when using TCP transport:
       - Let the server set TCP_NODELAY, et al.
       - Change the behavior of os2PseudoSelect() on sockets.
      (Bugzilla #1175, Frank Giessler).
 803. X server on OS/2 doesn't respect AutoRepeat on/off unless XKB is disabled
      (Bugzilla #1174, Frank Giessler).
 802. Licence update.
 801. Optimise SlowBcopy() for ia64 architecture (Marc La France).
 800. Simplify vgaHWSaveFonts() and vgaHWRestoreFonts() to fix hangs seen with
      certain nVidia boards on ZX1-based systems (Marc La France).
 799. Some more font path checks.
 798. Don't define X_LOCALE on Panther (Etsushi Kato and Toshimitsu Tanaka).
 797. Fix GL_VERSION string for indirect rendering (Bugzilla #1147, DRI Project)
 796. Fix the 1024x576 modes in the via driver (Bugzilla #812, Luc Verhaegen,
      reported by Julian Cable).
 795. Add uz_UZ locale (Bugzilla #1151, Mashrab Kuvatov).
 794. Fix font alias overrun.
 793. Fix for the way the FreeType backend sets the
      _ADOBE_POSTSCRIPT_FONTNAME property for Type1 fonts (Bugzilla #1123,
      David Dawes, based on Roland Mainz, reported by David Capshaw).
 792. Fix formatting of the XLookupString bytes that xev prints out (Bugzilla
      #1153, Noah Levitt).
 791. Likely fix for FreeBSD 5.2 libGL build problem (David Dawes, reported by
      Terry R. Friedrichsen).
 790. Fix typo in bsd_mouse.c (Tyler Retzlaff).
 789. Fix off-by-one errors in the emulation of an ix86's BT, BTS, BTR and BTC
      instructions (Marc La France).
 788. Fixing segfaults that may happen in some corner cases on VT switch
      and int10 initialization (Egbert Eich).
 787. Increase PCI I/O space size on Linux/PowerPC (Bugzilla #1143,
      Paul Mackerras).
 786. Fix DRI cleanup at exit and re-enabling on reset for the via driver
      (Bugzilla #998, Thomas Hellström).
 785. Fix Xv error propagation to the client for the via driver (Bugzilla #998,
      Thomas Hellström).
 784. Fix a problem when utilizing DrawArrays when indirect rendering
      (Bugzilla #1142, DRI Project).
 783. Xterm followup fix for Bugzilla #981 (Thomas Dickey).
 782. Fix EXT version of vertex arrays (DRI Project).
 781. Fix long-standing off-by-one bug in calculating dimensions of single
      (private) back cliprect when the window is partially offscreen in
      libdri.a (Keith Whitwell)
 780. Don't do the MGAISBUSY() loop in MGAStormSync() for Mystique cards
      because this reportedly results in an infinite loop (Bugzila #85,
      David Dawes, reported by Phil ??? and Stéphane VOLTZ).
 779. Make sure the r128 driver enables the hsync and vsync signals after
      programming a video mode (Bugzilla #935, Kevin Martin).
 778. Fix Multitexture problems with vertex arrays and indirect rendering
      (Bugzilla #1092, DRI Project).
 777. Fix SecondaryColor & FogColor when indirect rendering (Bugzilla #1091, 
      DRI Project).
 776. Fix build failures on Mac OS X 10.1.x (Torrey T. Lyons).
 775. Fix a timing problem in the nsc driver that prevents the display from
      working in some cases (Bugzilla #840, Hansruedi Glauser, Alan Hourihane).
 774. Via driver workaround to handle setting WC for the video memory when
      initially only part of it has WC set (Bugzilla #1010 Thomas Hellström).
 773. Fix the XAA clipping flags for the via driver, which fixes a line
      drawing problem seen with OpenOffice Calc (Bugzilla #1026,
      Thomas Hellström).
 772. HKSCS and GB18030 support for luit (Bugzilla #1048, Zarick Lau).
 771. Fix some remaining memory allocation related problems with the via
      driver (Bugzilla #998, Thomas Hellström).
 770. Add a UseRpath build switch to allow the use of -rpath to be enabled
      or disabled from the host.def file.  Implemented for *BSD, Hurd, Linux.
      The default settings remains as before (David Dawes).
 769. Add a root window property called XFree86_VT that holds the VT number
      that the XFree86 server is running on (Andrew Aitcheson, suggested by
      Samuel Thibault).
 768. Fix a problem where root window properties registered with
      xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty() are not re-registered after server
      regeneration (David Dawes, reported by Samuel Thibault).
 767. Fix xtest failures for the savage driver's zero width lines by
      removing the TwoPointLine and using only the Bresenham version
      (reported by Nicolas Joly).
 766. Fix refresh rate setting for 845G/856G systems that don't support the
      Intel-specific refresh rate BIOS calls (Bugzilla #1106, David Dawes,
      reported by Lucian Precup).
 765. Fixes/build updates for BSD/OS 5.1 and 4.3.1 (Bugzilla #1111, Kurt Lidl).
 764. Fix a problem in libXmu's FindChildren() that can cause a crash by
      copying memory from outside the bounds of an array (Bugzilla #1109,
      John Tillman).
 763. Add missing TimerCallback in trident_video.c to shutdown the video.
      This could account for many peoples lockups with video on Trident chips.
      Also, add a Wait for vsync when programming video modes to avoid lockups.
      (Yukun Chen, Alan Hourihane).
 762. Fix a lockup problem on Trident Blade3D engines by permanently turning
      on PCI Retry. Also sync the engine on CloseScreen and LeaveVT.
      (Yukun Chen, Alan Hourihane).