Recent Changes to the XFree86 4.5 branch

Below is a recent extract from the XFree86 change log for the 4.5 branch. The full change log can be found in the XFree86 source tree (xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG).

XFree86 development code can be accessed directly from the CVS repository. Information about this can be found on our CVS page.

XFree86 4.5.1 (xx xxx 200x)
 364. Fix for CERT Vulnerability Note VU#102441 (Marc La France).

XFree86 4.5.0 (16 March 2005)
 363. Readability updates for the BUILD and RELNOTES docs
      (Georgina O. Economou).
 362. Fix KGA handling in s3 driver (Marc La France).
 361. Fix bugs in the Kyrgyz XKB map (based on Bugzilla #1555, Ilyas Bakirov).
 361. First cut at libXpm fix for CAN-2005-0605 (David Dawes).
 360. Append '.txt' to top-level document files to avoid problems with the
      install target on case-insensitive platforms (reported by
      Frank Giessler).
 359. Update the OpenBSD section of the mouse doc (Bugzilla #1563,
      David Yerger).
 358. Fix bug that sometimes caused I/O PCI BARs to be mistaken for 64-bit
      memory BARs (Egbert Eich).
 357. Fix DMX build for systems without SIGIO and/or SIGPOLL (Frank Giessler,
      Marc La France).
 356. OS/2 build fixes (Bugzilla #1542, Frank Giessler).

XFree86 (6 March 2005)
 355. DRM build fixes for the 2.6.11 Linux kernel (David Dawes).
 354. Fix a ScreenToScreenCopy bug in the s3 driver that shows up with xtest
      (NMarci, Tim Roberts).
 353. Documentation readability updates (#7466, Georgina Economou).
 352. Limit the maximum refresh rate to 85Hz and remove the bogus 
      100Hz and 120Hz settings as they don't match close enough and
      are really unsupported in the i830 driver (Alan Hourihane).
 351. DRM fixes for recent FreeBSD 5.x versions (David Dawes, based on
      FreeBSD 5.3 kernel source).
 350. Need to build/install/but not use XThrStubs lib for compatibility
      purposes on recent FreeBSD (David Dawes).
 349. Fix for ServerFlags "Log" option, and document it in the XF86Config
      man page (David Dawes).
 348. Fix an off by one error when scaling which caused occasional
      overlay color lines at the far right and bottom of the window for
      i830 chips (Alan Hourihane).
 347. Fix for i810 DRI missing lodbias functionality and related segfault
      (David Dawes).
 346. Fix for radeon DRI lockup (Dave Airlie).
 345. Roll back the DRM kernel modules to the version from XFree86 4.4.0
      plus some minor updates (David Dawes).
 344. Set default monitor parameters to match the display size for the i830
      when they are not available from another source (Nicolas Joly).
 343. Separate the addition of EDID modes out from mode validation
      (David Dawes).
 342. Handle screen blanking in the vesa driver for non-VGA compatible modes
      (David Dawes).
 341. Separate monitor parameter initialisation out from mode validation,
      and ensure that monitor parameters are initialised before the vbe module
      sets up its mode pool (David Dawes).
 340. Add Kyrgyz locale (Bugzilla #1556, Timur Jamakeev).
 339. Add a standard Kyrgyz keyboard layout (Bugzilla #1555, Timur Jamakeev).

XFree86 (20 February 2005)
 338. Fix bad external symbols in the sis driver (David Dawes).
 337. Build fix for when XKB is disabled (Bugzilla #1551, reported by
      David Yerger).
 336. Modify most driver ValidMode() functions to return more specific
      status values than "MODE_BAD" when they don't like a mode (David Dawes).
 335. Apply changelog #124 (don't do various keycode conversions on NEC
      PC-98 platforms) to the kbd driver (Bugzilla #1549, reported by
      Dejan Lesjak).
 334. Prevent EDID modes from overriding modes explicitly supplied in the
      Monitor section (David Dawes).
 333. Log when modes are excluded due to not meeting TargetRefresh or
      PreferredMode options, and improve the handling of these cases
      (David Dawes).
 332. Increase MSE_MAXBUTTONS from 12 to 24 (Bugzilla #1536, Julian Cable).
 331. Fix a typo in xalloc.c (Rodion Vshevtsov).
 330. Back out CHANGELOG #100 (Marc La France).
 329. Add a Polish variant to the French keyboard layout (Bugzilla #1544,
      Hubert Gburzynski).
 328. Fix server crash with -configure option (and -probe option)
      (Bugzilla #1546 Nicolas Joly, David Dawes).
 327. Build fix for Mac OS X 10.4 (Bugzilla #1545, Torrey T. Lyons).
 326. Modify the SHLD/SHRD emulation to handle shifts > 15 for 16-bit
      operands, behaviour expected by the BIOS in an SM722 controller
      (Charles Dobson).
 325. Fix a substantial memory leak in the vesa driver (David Dawes).
 324. Fix unaligned YV12 videos that caused skew when playing in the i830
      driver (Alan Hourihane).
 323. Fix pixmap cache corruption when Xv was in use due to a memory
      allocator calculation problem in the i830 driver (Alan Hourihane).
 322. Improve the detection of a running moused on FreeBSD, and add the
      ums0 device to the fallbacks to try (David Dawes).
 321. Support automatic configuration for SBUS video devices on sparc
      (David Dawes).
 320. Fix missing asm component in the sunffb module on Solaris/sparc build
      (David Dawes).
 319. Make keyboard detection errors non-fatal on Solaris (David Dawes).

XFree86 ( 8 February 2005)
 318. Install BSD DRM source (David Dawes).
 317. Various build fixes (Frank Giessler, Bugzilla #1542).
 316. Fix SEGV in linux/int10 that can occur under certain builds of glibc
      2.3.4 (J. Scott Berg, Marc La France).
 315. Add PCI class override for certain Ensoniq sound adapters that advertise
      themselves as "prehistoric" VGA (Marc La France).
 314. Xterm patch #200 (Thomas Dickey).
 313. Darwin build fixes (David Dawes).
 312. Fix another buglet in atimisc's decoding of a panel's mode on server
      entry (Marc La France).
 311. Extend OpenBSD auto mouse detection to PS/2 devices, and add initial
      NetBSD auto mouse detection (David Dawes).
 310. Fix duplicate free error resulting from mouse os-support (David Dawes).
 309. Add Xasprintf() to the server, providing a cleaner mechanism for
      printing into (X-)allocated memory (David Dawes).
 308. Update the bindist/installer to handle platforms that don't use /etc/X11
      equally well as those that do (David Dawes).
 307. Add extra fontset records into XLC_LOCALE. It fixes the problem with the
      text output by Xutf8 functions under non-Unicode locales (Ivan Pascal).
 306. Add support to the fpit driver for the passive pen of the Stylistic
      3400, and fix a number of bugs in the original driver (David M. Clay).
 305. Fix a DRI initialization problem which occurred when people continued
      to use the i830 DRM kernel driver and not the newer i915 kernel driver.
      (Alan Hourihane)
 304. Fix xf86cfg to handle drivers (like 'ati') with no options
      (Bugzilla #1539, David Laight).
 303. Assorted XFree86 driver man page updates (Bugzilla #1538, Nicolas Joly).
 302. Updates for building on NetBSD-current (#7386, Matthais Scheler,
      Izumi Tsutsui, submitted by Bernd Ernesti).
 301. Modify getconfig's version handling to work with versions of perl
      that do not have v-strings (David Dawes).
 300. Clean up Xprt, Xnest, Xvfb and Xdmx links (Marc La France).
 299. Rework DRM kernel source handling (David Dawes).
 298. Extend Solaris mouse detection to recognise protocol "Auto", and to
      fall back to the kdmouse device when VUID doesn't work (David Dawes).
 297. Choose a better default videoram amount for i810 video when DRI is not
      disabled (David Dawes).
 296. Set the vmware driver fallback monitor parameters to allow modes
      one size smaller than the maximum reported screen size.  This allows
      it to work much better when using automatic configuration (David Dawes).
 295. Bindist installer script improvements:
       - Log the installation.
       - Make backup copies of config files before overwriting them.
       - Add notes about config files that need to be installed and those
         that may cause problems if installed.
      (David Dawes).
 294. Back out CHANGELOG #273 (Marc La France).
 293. Fix a bug introduced into the i810 driver in that resulted in
      a SEGV (David Dawes).
 292. Installer improvements and bindist updates (David Dawes).
 291. Add basic automatic mouse device node detection for Solaris
      (David Dawes).
 290. Improve autoconfig's handling of a failed driver PreInit() (David Dawes).
 289. Ignore sections called ".stab.indexstr" in elfloader, which fixes a
      problem loading modules built with SunPRO C (as described by
      Alan Coopersmith).
 288. Improvements to the Linux mouse auto-detection fallbacks, and